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Hello, I'm Bader Hamdan, and I adamantly believe that even in business, we all need to 'Be Human' as empathy builds trust and motivates loyalty. My own journey has always been grounded by three convictions that shape the way I lead ~ build ~ grow, be it joint partnerships, my teams, or myself, as I pivot, learn, and adapt in life. 

1️⃣ #BeHuman always first ~ authentic #Leadership transcends when grounded with #Empathy & #Empowerment

2️⃣ 'Connect Dots' ~ #GrowthMindset is essential to evolve and unleash our potential to achieve the 'Art of Possible'

3️⃣ #Ecosystem #Partnerships are the enablers of Growth & Scale ~ build holistic GTM Strategy & #Community

These convictions have always influenced my motivations and aspirations, and have set me on the path to ultimately 'Humanize Partnerships' in our world. To me, inclusive leadership is when someone empowers and brings others along on their own learning and success journey. Leaders simply need to care as a humans about other humans. It's about interacting, motivating, and leading people with integrity and empathy to ultimately thrive as individuals, teams, businesses, and societies.

So a little about me...

I'm a father, husband, and caregiver, Muslim Palestinian American who loves ocean waves, admiring waterfalls, playing football (soccer), enjoys traveling (visited 20+ countries so far), and most importantly, I cherish family time. I was born in Jeddah Saudi Arabia prior to immigrating to the United States at age nine, and today I reside in Chicago with my family. We previously lived and worked in the Bay Area CA, Raleigh/RTP NC, and had an awesome experience as EMEA expats based in Dubai UAE.

Voted by industry peers as 2023's Most Inspiring Partner Leader and recognized as a DE&I Honoree by ChannelFutures, I'm an Ecosystem Chief passionately 'Connecting Dots' in GTM Strategies & Platform and Innovation Technology Ecosystem Partnerships to motivate loyalty and create deliberate value exchange between customers and partners. My international B2B expertise spans sell-with, co-sell, sell-thru relationships and business development with multi-billion dollar strategic alliances, sales channels with leading cloud, hardware, software, and API/SaaS startup ecosystem partnerships. As a leader of leaders, I'm a player coach and have led and built global and diverse teams, cross-functional strategies, and social communities. Curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit continues to shape my strategic vision and in the way I build and lead as an BD & GTM B2B Executive in the hi-tech industry.

Armed with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from NC State University, as well as Leaderships and Entrepreneurship studies from Harvard Business School. I've held Partner Ecosystem VP and Leadership roles at Twilio, Google, Cisco, and currently serve as Ecosystem Chief of Partnerships & Joint Ventures at Vectara (Generative AI startup). I'm an Executive Member of Partnership Leaders (community empowering partnerships), keynote industry speaker, always give back my time as an to underprivileged talent and startups as Advisor and Mentor and Founder/Chief Community Officer of industry recognized and thriving Tech Partnerships Ecosystem social audio community👋

I'd love to chat and 'Connect Dots' as we co-shape and 'Humanize Partnerships' together 💪🏼

Thank you and Best Regards, Bader Hamdan 🙏🏼